We at Excel Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment feel proud to introduce ourselves as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of an exclusive collection of bakery plants, machines and equipment in Bangalore, India. 


We have been marketing high quality Bakery Machinery at low cost to many small Bakeries since over 20 years. Automatic Baking Machines & Equipments. Manufacturer of Bakery Equipment, Display Equipment, Commercial Refrigerators, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Imported Equipment.

As a Leading Manufacturer of Advanced Machinery, Excel Bakery Equipment Bangalore deliver Solutions to quality conscious bakers in Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa & Tamilnadu.

we offer cost-effective delivery of bakery equipment, refrigeration equipment and display cabinets throughout India as well as overseas. Many of our customers are surprised at how cost-effectively we can deliver.

Choosing the Best Commercial Bakery Equipment in South India - Excel Bakery Equipment Bangalore

Best Deal for Food Warmer Display Counter, Customized Display counter,Our range of planetary mixers,Berjaya 1DPF16 Proofer - Single Door 16 Trays Capacity, Berjaya G120-2BD 2 deck 4 Trays gas oven, Display counters, Berjaya Display Counters, Hot cases, Planetary mixers, Double deck ovens, Spiral Mixers 

Best Deal from Excel Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment Bangalore

Display Equipment from Excel Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment

Bain Marie counter - Straight Glass Bain Marie Counter, Bend Glass Bain Marie Counter, J Bend Bain Marie Counter, Stainless Steel Bain Marie, Stainless Steel Bain Marie Counter
Bakery Display Showcase - Swirl – Straight Glass S Curve Bakery Display Showcase, Straight Glass Display Showcase with Bottom Wood Finish Graphics, W Bend Glass Display Showcase, ZED Shape Bend Glass Display Counter for corners of your shop layout, Exight Straight Glass Display Counter
Chat Counter - Straight Glass Chat Counter with Red & Yellow Corian – Double Burner, Straight Glass Chat Counter with White & Yellow Corian – Double Burner, Hot Samosa Display Counter – C Bend, Table Top Samosa Counter – Straight Glass
from Excel Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment Bangalore, India

Excel Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment - Manufacturer & Supplier of Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment in Bangalore
Leading Bakery Equipment Manufacturers - Bangalore

How to find best bakery manufactures ? 

Finding the best bakery equipment manufacturers requires research and evaluation. Here are some steps to help you find the best bakery equipment manufacturers

Your One-Stop Shop for High-Quality Juice Cooling Solutions - Bangalore

Juice coolers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and capacities. Some are small and portable, while others are large and stationary. They may also have different features such as temperature controls, multiple compartments, and dispensers. Available in 4 containers, 6-container, 8 container and 10-container models

Keeping it Fresh and Delicious - Enhance Your Kitchen with an Under Counter Chiller and Pizza Maker - Bangalore

An under counter chiller is a refrigeration unit that is designed to be installed under a countertop or work surface in a commercial kitchen. It is typically used to store perishable food items such as meats, dairy products, and vegetables. The unit is designed to operate at a consistent temperature range to help keep the food fresh and safe for consumption.

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