Deck oven/Pizza oven


Deck oven/Pizza oven in Bangalore, India


 Bakery equipment Bangalore offers wide range of high quality deck oven/pizza oven which is designed and developed by power tech itself.


 Normally, deck oven is shaped in a rectangular fashion with flat trays. There are two types of deck ovens available, electric deck ovens and gas deck ovens. Electric deck ovens are used for general purposes in that food can be moved into and out of the oven immediately. Electric pizza ovens are not common as gas pizza ovens in pizza industry but it holds an esteemed place in the world of pie. In addition to that it is more user-friendly than gas pizza ovens.


Secondly, there is gas pizza oven model, the key advantage of gas ovens is; you will get traditional taste and crisp crust that’s hard to make in an electric oven.

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