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Excel Bakery equipment Bangalore is a well known manufacturer of bakery equipment in India, it is based on Bangalore. We are providing best quality products by using high quality raw materials, with the help of advanced technology and skilled employees. Bakery equipment Bangalore is making customized equipment which meet all the requirements of our clients. We assure elegant design, high-tech technology, durability and sturdiness in our products.


Rotary Rack oven
Bakery equipment Bangalore is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rotary rack oven in the bakery and confectionery industry which recognized by its exceptional performance and user friendly nature. We engaged in manufacturing and supplying of best quality rotary rack oven. We manufacture rotary ovens with high degree of reliability and consistency to meet the needs of professional bakers. Bakery equipment Bangalore's rotary rack ovens are available in electricity these ovens are low fuel cost in comparison to gas/diesel Rotary Rack Ovens and is specially designed for pizza, cake/pastry, burger and bread. 
>>>  Rotary Rack oven manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore


Deck oven/Pizza oven
Bakery equipment Bangalore offers wide range of high quality deck oven/pizza oven which is designed and developed by Bakery equipment Bangalore itself. We are using high quality raw materials only. We provide highly efficient and most convenient pizza ovens. One unique feature of our pizza oven is; it consumes less power during baking. Our products undergo various qualities testing to ensure the performance before delivering to the customers.  

A deck oven is widely used for commercial baking and it could manipulate the heat inside cooking chamber as needed. A large amount of products can be baked in a short period time, depends on the size and heat of deck ovens.
>>> Deck oven/Pizza oven manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore


Hot Cases
Bakery equipment Bangalore offers a comprehensive range of Hot Cases with transparent door and it keeps warm inside the case and maintains the quality as like just came out of the oven. Hot cases are generally using to display the items with the fresh look and taste too. In addition to that it ensures the hygiene of the product. Hot Case is a widely used in fast food restaurants and bakeries.

Hot cases are manufactured using aluminum with sliding doors. It is well insulated to retain the temperature by air heating. Hot Cases are thermostatically controlled and electrically operated. Clients can place their order to get the hot cases in different models, sizes and capacities as per their requirements.
>>> Hot Cases manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore


Cake kneader single speed type
Bakery equipment Bangalore is offering an excellent range of Cake Kneaders in Single Speed Type (Type A and Type B). We manufacture it from high quality materials for deliver a reliable product to our valuable customers. Our Cake Kneader Single Speed Type is available in industry on affordable rate. Bakery equipment Bangalore offers the cake kneader with 1 HP motor and attachments like mixer, beater and whisker. It is easy to use and can adjust the height of the drum to make it more efficient.
>>> Cake kneader single speed type manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore



Dough kneader
Bakery equipment Bangalore is making high quality Dough kneader in India. Using a dough kneader is a great way to knead your bread dough and it helps to uniformly distribute the gases that are produced by the yeast and also leads to the development of gluten. Thus creates delicious, spongy, yeast based bread. Bakery equipment Bangalore offers three models of Dough Kneader, according to the power and capacity of the product. That is 1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP power and its capacity 10Kg, 25 kg, 35 kg respectively.
>>> Dough kneader manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore


Confectionery counter display
Bakery equipment Bangalore is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of a supreme quality Confectionery Display Counter. We are offering a precisely designed confectionery counter display, by using best quality components with the help of latest technologies. We have a wide range of confectionery counters in various sizes and dimensions. Bakery equipment Bangalore's display counters are customized as per the client's requirements and we are appreciated by its high durability, precise dimension, sturdy construction and reasonable price.
>>> Confectionery counter display manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore




Commercial Refrigerators
Excel Bakery Equipment Bangalore is the one of the best manufacturer of commercial refrigerator in India. Bakery Equipments Bangalore offers Wide variety & high quality refrigeration systems connected to food display cases, self-contained display case and refrigerators and freezers. We offer the following products which are suitable as Commercial Refrigerators. We are the Manufacturer / Dealer / supplier of Under counter Freezer with working Table, Beer display counter, Water cooler, Deep freezer, Refrigerated fish bed, Refrigerated fresh juice Storage, Visi Cooler, Drawer freezer, Refrigerated Fish Display
>>> Commercial Refrigerators manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore


Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Excel Bakery and refrigeration equipments Bangalore manufacture Commercial kitchen equipments. We have the readymade Commercial kitchen equipments in various modal to satisfy your requirements. Our engineers are ready to make customised commercial kitchen equipments according to your requirements. We are the manufacturer / Dealer / Supplier of Shewerma, Chicken griller, Stainless steel juice Counter, Stainless steel working tables, Stainless steel counter, Stainless Steel working Table with double Sink, Stainless steel working Table with Sink, Stainless steel working table
>>> Commercial Kitchen Equipment manufacturer / Dealer in Bangalore


Bakery Equipment
Bakery equipment Bangalore is one of the leading manufacturer / Dealer / Supplier of various kind of Bakery Equipments in Bangalore, India. We offer Single Deck Oven, Multi Deck Oven, Cable kneader single speed, Cake kneader multi speed, Flour kneading machine, Bread Slicer.


Imported Bakery machinery
Excel Bakery Equipment Bangalore is one of the leading importer of Bakery equipments from various Countries like Italy, Germany, Sweden & Japan. We deal with Deck Oven imported, Dough Moulder imported, Dough Sheeter imported, Importer Bread Slicer imported, Semi Automatic Dough Divider Rounder imported, Spiral Mixer imported, planetary Mixer imported, Dough proofer imported 
>>> Imported Bakery machinery


Display equipment / Counters
Bakery Display Showcases, Cash Counter, Bend Glass Ice Cream Display, Chat Display Counter, Chips Counter, Juice Counter with Fruits Display, Vertical Cake Display, Rotating Cake Display, Table Top Display Counter, Bend Glass Bain Marie Display, Hot and Cold Milk Display, Juice Counter - J Bend, Poultry Display Counter, Hot Samosa Display Counter


Excel Bakery Equipment Bangalore not only distribute its own manufactured Bakery Equipments, but also deal with imported Bakery Equipments. This is done with the purpose to cater to the needs of our customers by making available to them world's best and innovative Bakery Equipments. We give importance to quality, usefullness and the durability of the equipments. So, we import bakery Equipments from high-tech countries like germany, Italy, Swede and Japan. this enables our clients to keep up to the international standards when they are using the world's best and most advanced Imported bakery Equipments. What is more important is the fact that we make available all these high quality imported Bakery equipments at the most affordable prices.




Excel Refrigeration and Bakery Equipment, India
Commercial Kitchen Equipment from Excel Refrigeration & Bakery Equipment
Commercial Refrigerators - Visi Cooler – Double Door, Visi Cooler – Single Door Excel Refrigeration & Bakery Equipment

Commercial Refrigerators - Visi Cooler – Double Door, Visi Cooler – Single Door Excel Refrigeration & Bakery Equipment

Straight Glass Ice Cream Display Showcase from Excel Bakery Equipment Bangalore
Bend Glass Ice Cream Display Showcase from Excel Bakery Equipment in Bangalore

Bend Glass Ice Cream Display Showcase from Excel Bakery Equipment in Bangalore

Straight Glass Display Counter with Red and Yellow Corian Granite
Straight Glass Display Counter with Red and Yellow Corian Granite

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